• 21-09-2017: From Zero to Hero, København
21-09-2017: From Zero to Hero, København


21-09-2017: From Zero to Hero, København




Building microservices is a tough task, and the dizzying array of tools out there surely does not help. From networking to service discovery to testing tools, choosing the right ones - and getting them to work harmoniously together - can break even the best of us.

This specialised two-day crash course will cover all the building blocks of cloud native systems. This highly focused workshop takes participants on a practical journey of industry-leading tools, which include Docker containers, orchestration with Kubernetes, and visualisation with Scope.

Attendees will apply this newly acquired knowledge and build a fully functional e-commerce platform on the microservices demo platform: Sock Shop.

You will learn all about:

- Microservice Architecture

- Microservice Patterns

- Docker Containers

- Container Networking 

- Visualising and debugging distributed systems

- Container Orchestration (Kubernetes)

- Monitoring & Metrics

- Centralised logging



Ian Crosby is a long time software developer, enthusiast, and advocate. He cut his teeth developing military defence systems and has since aimed to use his powers for good. In his current role as Senior Engineer at Container Solutions in Amsterdam he assists companies move into the new cloud native landscape, while also working with partners to develop the tooling which will get us there. He is active in sharing knowledge, lessons learned and experiences with companies and community alike.

Underviser: Ian Crosby

Sprog: Engelsk

Sted: Trifork A/S, Borgergade 24B, 1300 København K

Varighed: 2 dage, da. 21.-22. september 2017 fra 9.00 til 16.00

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